Colorwithin, LLC is a representation of the knowledge brought forth in this incarnation for the past 25 years.  

Note: I do not diagnose or cure anything, and neither do the techniques I use. These modalities simply enable the body to regulate itself, bringing the body into balance and wholeness, thereby causing many symptoms to disappear. Please seek the expertise of a licensed physician for diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or disease.

Color Therapy

To understand Color is to understand that Color is not what you see.  Colors are a Vibratory Energy. 

Quantum Body Integrated Healing is a stress release correct approach to ones own bodily mechanisms that help balance any and all imbalances within their own energetic matrix.  Our technology, the SRC4YOU (stress relieving companion for you) is a qi enhancement software program designed to balance energetic disruptions and imbalances that are primarily stress related.  A study done at Stanford University concludes that 90% of all DIS-EASE is created by stress.  We work with a person on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral and etheric levels to balance and enhance ones own body.

Energy exchange without visible connections has existed since the beginning of time.  Quantum physics gives us an increased understanding of the reality of the connection between time and space and we know that frequencies and wave forms can travel unlimited distance.  It has also been discovered that the human system, at the most basic level, operate according to the laws of quantum physics and energetics.  Remote sessions create the client as a recipient, much in the same way that a cell phone allows two people to speak to one another thousands of miles or just feet away from one another.  Radio waves and technology make it possible for the transmission of energetic frequencies and patterns, as everything has a resonance.  Simplified explanation is that we create positive energetic frequencies to combat negative frequency anomalies that are created by stress.

  Everything is transmitted thru our Quantum program to your energetic bodies to receive for balancing. 

There are many distortions that compose a unbalanced energy field/physical body.  We have so many different factors from emotional discord, toxins from GMO food toxins to wi-fi, environmental factors, pollutants, virus, etc.  In this era of the 21st century our bodies can not keep up.

We work Remotely with people, pets, objects, house clearings, physic attack and entity removal.  

Each session is conducted Remotely by via E-mail, Phone, Skype, zoom or person-to-person by appointment.

A Bio-energetic consultation is approximately 1.5 hours, which includes one week of balancing based on the clients issues.

We incorporate different healing tools such as Aura Balancing, Light Therapy, Qi Gong,  Acu-puncture, Reiki, Prayer, Pathogens and more.

Please include when paying for your session time and day of availability, along with your issues wanting to address. 

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Session Options

quantum body integratED HEALING

Our Mission

To Educate people on Quantum healing, color therapy and the different healing modalities available. 

Remote Quantum Aura Balancing

 Body is scanned, cleared and then strengthen to a balanced state. Each panel run approximately 5-10 minutes. You will receive a photograph showing your aura levels current stasis before the scan clears out the imbalances in your field.  After, it will then strengthen all imbalances to 100% at best.

All our sessions are Quantum as mentioned above in our summary.

$15.00 a session

"To understand ones own unique physical composition, is to completely understand that ones own being is comprised completely of vibration, frequency and SOURCE light! "

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